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Organizational development is the process through which an organization develops the capacity to effectively and efficiently fulfill its service mission to the parent organization and to sustain itself.  The term "Organization Development" is often used interchangeably with “Organizational Effectiveness.”


OD is a long range, organization-wide effort, managed from the top and intended to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency through planned interventions in organizational business processes.  Goals include improving the organization's business processes, particularly by promoting more effective and collaborative management of the organization, specifically emphasizing the development and maturation of formal work teams focused on the customers and services provided.


We believe there is a direct correlation between organizational change management and mission achievement.  It begins with service orientation and is intended to shape the beliefs, attitudes, values and structure of organizations. This service will help our customers improve business processes, develop communication plans, develop IT governance processes and organizational structure, and develop optimal IT departmental organizational structure, define roles and responsibilities, and develop staffing and training plans.