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Better Results Through Improved Planning and Processes

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Customer First

We exist for the support and satisfaction of our customers.  Everything we do is centered on providing outstanding service.   Customer satisfaction takes precedence over all other objectives, including deriving profit.  Although we understand that we cannot be in business without being profitable, we understand clearly that sustainable profit cannot be achieved without satisfied customers.



We are honest in all of our dealings.  We do not withhold information and believe in full disclosure of both good and bad news.  If we make mistakes, we own up to them and do everything in our power to make things right.  We exemplify fair and honest business practices, both with decisions we make and in our relationships with our customers and business associates. We will not overstate our abilities or promise more than we can deliver.  We meet our commitments.  Our word is our bond.



We seek to maintain the highest level of professional behavior in everything we do.  We uphold all legal, regulatory, and standards of best practice.  We always maintain the highest standards of professional demeanor with our customers, business partners, and fellow team members.  This includes during and after business hours.  We represent Optimum IT Management in everything we do and act accordingly.



We foster and nurture an environment that encourages creativity, and we reward those who contribute valuable, creative ideas.  We encourage lively, open debate, seeking the best decisions for our customers, but never allowing such debate to become personal.  While we do not support a “not invented here” bias, we recognize that our ability to compete is predicated on differentiation in the marketplace. We seek to consistently offer better services.  We believe that we can always be better, perform better, and offer better services.  We will always strive to do so.


We strive to foster cooperation and support for each other.  We treat each other with dignity, respect and fairness.  We celebrate each other’s wins, and we help each other avoid failures.  We accept accountability, but are slow to find others to blame.  We look to expand that sense of teamwork with our customers and business partners as well.  We do not maintain hidden agendas or engage in office politics.  We seek to make our company great, but at the same time we will strive to make Optimum IT Management a fun place to work.